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Week of 5/6 – 5/12

Hey besties! This week was a great week with very down moments. The down moments are mentally challenging moments. As I posted about before I am going to start sharing all of me! For some years now I have been struggling with hours, days…

Organize Your life # Home Decor # DIY # Command Center.

Hello Beauties!! If your starting to catch on; I like to DIY most of my home decor haha 😁 Today I want to share with you my command center that I put together. I wanted somewhere to keep my stuff organized and easy accessible….

Week of 2/18-2/24

I have decided that since this is page is about being Alex and my life journey I am going to be doing weekly life updates. Ever Monday I will share how the week went, my moods, thoughts and ideas from the week. In hopes…