Good morning my beauties! Today is the day I am starting my blog! After months, maybe even years of telling myself  I’m going to do it, I finally decided today is the day; because any day
can be THE day!  

Now if you ask me what kind of blog this is going to be I haven’t figured that out yet, but isn’t that what
life is about? …Finding your purpose?

 I just want to share my experiences, thoughts and my voyage of life with you beautiful people
that are kind enough to read!  

So, if you have got this far and are still interested, Welcome to being Alex! 

Quick facts:


·      My name is Alexandra Ribau, but I just go by Alex. (If my family is reading this
they are going to be like Alex???… nahhh….Xana!)

·      I am 22 years old.

·      I have a bachelor’s in accounting

·      I was born and raised in Jersey but I am Portuguese.  

·      I am engaged to the love of my life

·      My other loves are Wiz and Luna #dogmom

·      I love makeup, DIY’s, Traveling (but who doesn’t haha), fashion,
Party Planning and making gifts. Pretty much anything I can use my brain’s
right hemisphere for!