Week of 3/25-3/31 100 followers!!

Hello Besties!

I was thinking maybe I should skip this week and not post because I did nothinggg this week.

I had work and when the weekend came I just did stuff for the house. like clean and organize. We are trying to get the house together because my family is coming to visit for the first time and I want everything done to show them. So the next couple weeks might be a little boring because we just need to get some stuff done. Like our guest bed needs to me mounted and our guest bathroom shower needs to be finished.

Besides that I realized that this weekend My blog hit 100 followers!!! I was soo happy when I saw that I could scream!!!! I just want to thank everyone who follows or reads or likes and comments. Every little engagement counts and makes my day πŸ’–

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Empty House Tour

Hello My besties!

Today I wanted to share with you a tour of my home but empty. This was the day we bought it and got the key. Me and Christopher walked in and it felt so unreal. Never did we think we would be buying a house so soon. We had lived together for 2 years before at my parents house but now we will be on our own. We are so blessed and thankful. I don’t talk in the video because i was just taking it all in; that this was our house.

That night we slept on the floor because we didn’t have our bed yet and it was just kinda unreal. I remember Christopher turning to me and saying i never would of thought i would be here in life or saying this to the women i love but welcome home love πŸ’– If you guys want to know about his story i can ask him if he is OK with sharing and then you would better understand why he said that.

Anyone else wanna share how if felt to buy their first home comment below! 😁

As soon as we are done furnishing and decorating i will show you how it all looks. So you will have a before and after! but for now it’s still a work in progress. πŸ’•Can’t wait to share!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Week of 3/18-3/24 Get to know me tag and Youtube

Hello beauties!!!

This week was actually a pretty good week and I am very happy with how it went! Work was nice and easy. When I got home on Tuesday I had time to Finally sit down and Film!!! That means soon my YouTube channel will open!!! Yeayy!!! I just need to finish editing my first video and film the second video.

I am going to make the second video a get to know me tag video. I think this will be a great way to introduce myself to the followers and open up the channel! On Saturday I posted on Instagram for people to ask me questions they wanna know about me . Since some of you may not have Instagram I thought I may share that question here as well!! Ask away!!

And if your not following me on Instagram it’s @alexribau and Youtube will be alexribau as well.

Another fun thing i did this weekend as a photo shoot for an Instagram brand I am working with! That post will be up today on Instagram if you wan check it out 😁 I still don’t know if I am going to post those here. πŸ€”

Besides that the weekend was as normal. Meal prep, clean watch Netflix and take babies to dog park. Overall it was a fun and productive week.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Organize Your life # Home Decor # DIY # Command Center.

Hello Beauties!!

If your starting to catch on; I like to DIY most of my home decor haha 😁 Today I want to share with you my command center that I put together. I wanted somewhere to keep my stuff organized and easy accessible. I kept looking at this empty wall and counter I have randomly in my house and couldn’t find what to do with it. This is when Pintrest came to town!

I kept seeing mommy bloggers posting about having command centers for their kids school supplies, chores, homework checks and so on. I loved the idea so much I wanted to do it and thought that empty counter would be perfect. But wait what would I put I have no kids.

After thinking about it for sometime I thought keys, to do list, mail, pens, calendar and notepad all thing I want visible and easy to get. So here goes nothing. I stared buying things and putting them up until I got this!

Calendar was a blue sky calendar bought at target. I use it to write all of Christopher, wiz Luna and my appointments and reminders. The camera is the indoor camera to our security system. It can be moved but we place it here because it is able to capture the dining room, living room and kitchen.

The chalk board is what I use to write mine and Christopher’s to do list! Whenever one of us completes something we either cheek it or erase it.

Under is my key holder. I just put a note pad, some batteries and of-course lighters in the holder. Me and Christopher are alllwayyyys looking for lighters. lolol

This is my mail holder. Haven’t labeled it yet but it is separated by bills, coupons/promos and other. On the bottom I have my fancy E6000 glue haha 🀣 Here is the one place I know I can always find it. Along with some Elmer sick glue, a mail opener, boxing tape, and pens/pencils/highlighter.

Stacked on the cabinet I have some basic hardware I often need as I am still decorating/remodeling the house. Screws, hooks, Dremel and drill bits. Once I am totally done I will put these away in the shed but since I kept having to go get them they are living here for now.

If anyone knows anything else I can add I am so ready to do more!!! Would love to hear some ideas.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Week 3/11-17! Dog park adventures.

Hello beauties so sorry I’m late and did not get this up on Monday!!!

This week was a good one. Like always work everyday but this week no gym. I didn’t go not one day to the gym because Christopher family went on vacation for spring break so we were babysitting their dogs. Do not want to leave all those dogs at home alone for to long.

When the weekend came since we had 5 bored dogs we decided to take them to the dog park. We had never been so this would be a first for everyone. They loved it so much and had a blast. For those of you who live in Houston we went to two different parks. Alexander Deussen Park was the first. We deiced this one because they have two separate parks. One for dogs under 25 pounds and one for dog over. Luna and Rocky (Chris moms dog who is actually Luna’s litter mate/brother) are only 5 pounds each so we thought that would we great for them. Even though that was our intentions they ended up in the big dog side with the rest of the dogs. lol

The second park we went to was Lents family park. Both parks where huge and had a water fountain and pool for the dogs. Overall it was a great week with all the doggies πŸ˜ƒCheck out the videos I got of all the babies!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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DIY Home decor- for pet lovers! #dogmom

Hello beauties!

Today I’m going to share with you the most simple yet cutest DIY home decor for people with pets or people who love pets!

At Hobby Lobby I kept seeing a picture frame of dog prints! Everyone knows my two children are my dogs Luna and Wiz! So I wanted to have something from when they were babies but also I need some home decor like the frames I saw. Then I remembered when I threw my sisters in laws baby shower I gifted her a baby keepsakes. It was a picture frame where she can put a picture of the baby and have the baby do its foot print and hand print. If you want to check that out I got it on amazon and linked it above. Just click on baby keepsakes.

That was it I was going to get their paw prints and frame it! As I was on amazon I realized that they have dog keepsakes just like the baby one I got. The only issue I had with it was that it was much more expensive!! And I wanted to do it myself duh! So instead I ordered paw print clay. Specifically paw print clay because some clay can have toxic chemicals that are harmful for the pet. Especially since a dogs paw is one of its more sensitive spots.

I followed the instructions on the clay box and got two clay molds of each of my dogs paws. Then I went to the dollar store and bought a black picture frame. I put a piece of paper in it instead of a picture then glued each paw print onto the paper.

Super easy super fun! anddddd so cute!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Week of 3/5-3/12 (Allure box update!)

This was short and VERY boring week!!! But boring weeks are sometimes the best weeks because that means I just chilled and relaxed! Well not totally I worked my normal 9-5 job hours. I was sick all week so I would just get home after work eat and get in bed. Then on the weekend all I did was stay home cleaned and did laundry.

When writing my post for this week I thought wow that’s really all I did! Short post! So then I remembered on Friday I got my Allure box replacement items! So i am going to add my update here!

A month later they finally sent my products and they didn’t even send everything! I got 2 of the 4 items that were suppose to be replaced. At this point I am over this whole thing and will just let it be.

I also thought hey let me update you on how my no spending February went. It was horrible! After the first couple of weeks I totally started to forget all about it. And then i would be like shoot I’m so bad at this! The worse part was when we were visiting family I didn’t even think about not speeding! Moral of the story is Do not plan to save money when your on vacation! haha Just kidding! If you really set your mind to it I’m sure you can do it! I am going to try again in march and hopefully this time is better!

Thank you for reading!

Love Alex πŸ’‹

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