Family Adventures

Hey besties!!!

Happy may! Cant wait to start seeing all the flowers blossoming and spring colors everywhere.

As I mentioned my family came to visit and we had lots of fun!!

First we went to the Nasa Space Center in Houston. It was so cool to learn all about astronauts and rocket ships. Did you know that astronauts pee into their suits. It’s called the MAG, witch is short for Maximum Absorbency Garment. We also got to see real rockets there were launched back in the 70s. My fave part was the exhibit where we got to touch a piece of the moon!

After the space center we made our way to the board walk.

Being a jersey girl and going to the board walk here I was a bit disappointment. But I understand that Houston TX has no coast so it is a bit difficult to have a great board walk. They had 4 rides and we went on all of them, that best one was the wooden roller-coaster. Fun fact i use to hate rides and get super sick! Then my childhood best friend Jessenia made me fall in love with them.

The following day we went to Houston downtown aquarium with my family and Christopher family witch was super fun! Everything about it was nice I loved all parts!

Following that we went to the Aqua S Ice-cream shop witch I will be making a post all about it next week. Stay tuned!

The rest of the time I showed them all around Houston and where I work and live. Overall it was a great time and experience! I am so blessed to have such a loving and caring family.

There where sooo many pictures that I can’t possibly post them all here! So I just made an album on my Facebook so go check that out.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Where have I been?

Hey My besties!!!

Soo Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days 😒 But I am back and better then ever guys!!!

I spent last week with my family who came to visit and it was amazing πŸ’•

As most of you know I live in Houston TX and my family lives in NJ. They have never been here and it was their first time in TX and seeing my house and my life here. It was so much fun spending time with them and showing them around.

I will be uploading a post all about the fun activities we did so stay tuned for that πŸ˜ƒ

And on that note who else hates going back to work after a vacation? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

It was so hard to get up and have to readjust to my schedule. The worse part was catching up on all the work I had missed and meeting deadlines I needed to get done. This left me with no time to blog.

But After a refreshing time with my family and some time off I am ready to come back and deliver to you guys some great content!

I have been working on Youtube videos, more blogs, makeup looks, and more!!! Cant wait to share it all with you 😘

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Quick Dollar Store DIY (Easter Edition)

Hello Besties!

Today I am going to share with you all a super quick Easter D.I.Y I made last night for my coworkers. Of-course here we slay and save #slayingwhilesaveing so everything comes from the dollar store!! πŸ˜ƒ

So first I got a mason jar and filled the bottom with green confetti. This is suppose to be grass.

Then I got all my Easter candy and my Easter Egg bunny. I filled the bunny with as much candy as I could.

I then placed some Egg candies on top of my grass and placed the bunnies right on top of that. Next to my bunnies I placed a carrot filled with powdered candy.

To finish it off I added some yarn and tied it onto the lid. Secrete *the dollar store flower section has super cute ribbon and yarn; better than the art section*

After looking at them for 5 minutes I thought they are still missing something. So I deiced to print happy Easter labels. I do this on word on my computer. I placed those behind the bunnies and made the yarn bow a-line with them.

Super quick, super fun and super easy! Let me know if you guys try it. I would love to see what you come up with 😁

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Week 4/8-14

Hello Besties,

Omg I am starting to realize what a boring life I have! Now I am also starting to think this is probably why my followers are not increasing but rather decreasing! I am so sad! but its okay cant let anything stop you. 😁

I will keep sharing for those of you who love to read and see what it is like being alex! haha

So lets get into it this week I…. surprise Worked and Cleaned !!! hahah

Christopher and I took the weekend to de-clutter everything!!!!!!!

We finally got the closet empty so we can turn it into something we have been thinking about doing!!! Stay tuned possibly next month it will be done and I will share my closet DIY! 😜

We also got our cars cleaned and today is going to be the dogs turn haha why am I always #dogmom omg!!! lol 🀣

And ofcourse you guys can all guess this is because.. My family is coming to visit. They land Thursday. I will try my best to stay up to date with posting buttt at least I will have some fun things to talk about after they leave yeay! #notsoboringlife for one weekend lolol

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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To preset or not to preset? Are presets worth it?

Hello Besties!

Once again I read a message sent to me asking what preset do I use for my Instagram theme. My answer to this question is I do not use presets!

My experience with presets is that they do not work. Well that may be little vague. Yes presets can work and they can help you maintain a theme but they are not magic.

I’m sure many people have scrolled through Instagram and thought wow this persons pictures all match, they look pleasing to look at how does he/she do it?

Then after some research or maybe after seeing some ads. You run across presets. Many influencers and bloggers sell their own presets that promise you that your fed can look like theirs. Then you buy it and try it and realize it did not work? Well this brings me back to presets are not magic. Yes the preset did work but just not how you expect it too.

Not all presets work on all photos. And some preset may work beautiful on certain photos and have no affect on other photos.

It all comes down to how what when and where you take the photo.

For example my theme is neutral with accents of color. If you pay close attention all my photos are taken on a white or grey background. (With the exception of my accent photos that are colored.) My reason to this is so that I can maintenance the neutral airy look. If I were to take a picture on a brown background no preset I put on it will make it white and airy. No mater what presets I put on it; it will not match the rest of my photos because the background is a totally different color. I don’t even have any brown in any of my photos for a brown photo to match my theme.

No matter weather your using a preset or not you still have the think and plan the photo. Take it with the right lighting, background and colors.

Ultimately My options is your still putting in the work to take the photo adding a preset will just change the tone of the photo. If You properly plan the photo and edit it a bit the need for a preset is not there. Yes I do edit my photos to help them match and follow as I call it. But the editing is minimal and not always necessary when the photo is taken properly.

It comes down to the fact that I always rather edit the photo to how I like it rather then put a preset on it. Taking the right photo is always gonna be necessary too have that aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

Sooooo…… Should you go and buy those presets you see sure you can as long as you understand that you will still need to put in work to get each picture you take to match.

Thank you for reading! If your interested and would like me to show you how I edit my photos leave me a comment or let me know and I would gladly share!

Love, Alex πŸ’‹

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Week of 4/1-4/7

Happy Monday Besties!

This picture of my babies will perfectly explain how the week went!

Except it should say All week vibes haha Work was boring and the same as always! Went to gym after work as usual! Then home to sleep!

The Weekend came and me and Christopher decided to join his brother and sister in law in their garage sale. We went through all our things and took some stuff over to their house to sell!! Little did we know it was gonna rain all weekend so we didn’t sell a thing! Just sat all Saturday waiting with no hopes! Then I deiced to post on Facebook and luckily one person came and bought one thing πŸ™‚ Plus side was got to spend time relaxing and talking with my sister in law!

Sunday was when I took this picture. It was thundering and raining all day. Luna and wiz are both scared of the thunder so they cuddled with each other all day while Christopher and I cleaned the house. We had to fix the mess we made looking through everything for the stuff to sell. haha

Ultimately it was a boring and chill week.

Youtube! Pixi Products Review!

Hello besties! It makeup timee…!!! Yeayy!! … (kinda haha)

So today I finally uploaded my first you tube video!!!! I have been saying i am going to start my you tube Channel for years now but excuses stooped the processes. I always used the excuse that I was to busy or didn’t have what I needed! Well I’m done making excuses! I grabbed my camera some products that were sent to me and filmed my first video!!!

It is a review on the Pixi Eyeshows pallets 😁 If you wanna know my first impressions and review on these pixi eye show pallets watch my video !!!

YouTube link:

Thank you for reading!!!

Love Alex πŸ’‹

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