Week of May 27- June 2

Hey Besties!

Last week was a great week! Monday was memorial day so I was off and so was Christopher. This meant we could finally spend some time together 😁 We went to his moms house and had a pool and BBQ day!

Guys I LOVE THE POOL!! So your going to be hearing a lot about it this summer. #sorrynotsorry haha

Having Monday off meant it was going to be a short and fast work week. Expect one of the days we had a field day at work. So now it was an even shorter and faster work week. 😁 If your wondering what is field day? This is when we go out into the field and see the process. Working in corporate you often don’t realize what the people actually do outside in the field. You get stuck in the financial and business end of the company and forget about the hard working people doing the actual building and selling. As many of you know I work for a home-building company. It was nice and humbling to see everything outside the office.

Once Friday hit I was excited it was the weekend again! Over the weekend I had a photo shoot. Thank you to my love for being my photographer! We got food, walked the dogs, spent time with his grandma and cleaned up the house. It was a happy weekend.

How was your week? Send me emails/ comment on the post! I love hearing about your adventurers too!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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