DIY Laundry Closet Makeover!

Heyy Besties!

Today I would like to share the before and after of the work I did in my laundry closet… (Of course with the wonderful help of Christopher and my loving dad ! 😜)

I didn’t think I needed much else besides the obvious washer along with the dryer and cleaning products. So I headed out and picked those up. After 3 weeks the laundry room became a mess.

Cleaning supplies all over the floor. Clothes drying on top of the dryer because it cant go in it.

After enough times of getting annoyed of bending over to get something every time I needed to wash; I decided to use my best friend google. I remembered my mom’s laundry room having cabinets over the machines so I looked up laundry cabinets. To my surprise there were a bunch of options! Many where too big for my laundry closet and others to much money. I needed something efficient and cost friendly.

That’s when I came across cube storage. I have had these in my room growing up. They were cute cheap and there are tons of different style bins all over the internet. I found the perfect cube shelf and my fiancé got to work installing them while I went out and bought the bins and jars.

After installing the cubes storage, I deiced I wanted somewhere to hang my bras. All you ladies know bras can’t be put in the dryer and not having somewhere to hang them to dry was a tad bit annoying. So I just decided to get a rod and some hangers from target and put it up as well. I ended up with

The shelf is just a regular piece of wood siting on brackets. In the cube shelf bottom right cube I have an anchor jar with Gain fling pods. Next to that is a mason jar that is suppose to have the gain aroma booster, fireworks but I ran out haha In the last bottom cube is my gain dryer sheets. The one storage basket has all our single socks that are missing their mates. The other basket has cleaning supplies.

What I used:

Cube storage, Bins , Jars, Rod, Hangers

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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