Week of 5/13-19

Hey Besties,

This week was a greatt week!! Work was busy but I always think that’s good because it makes the days go by fast. It would be time to go and I would be like omg already! That is always a great feeling!

When the weekend came around i was so ready for it. Friday after work I made sure to clean so that I can have my weekend free to enjoy.

Saturday I hung out with the babies a bit. We played outside until Christopher had to leave for work. Then we came in had lunch and took a quick nap.

After our nap Sairy (my mother in law) and Alyssa (my sister in law) came over. We took some head shoots for Alyssa who is going back to acting. they came out super good and I was so proud of myself.

Sunday we all got together for a fun and chill pool day! Every year I burn and cry like a baby because of it. This year I put on sunscreen and I lived haha

It was nice to spend time with family and was the cherry on top of my week 💕

My swim suit for this pool day was bought at amoresmiles 😍

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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