Week of 5/6 – 5/12

Hey besties!

This week was a great week with very down moments.

The down moments are mentally challenging moments. As I posted about before I am going to start sharing all of me! For some years now I have been struggling with hours, days and or weeks where I get very sad. I cry all the time, I get lazy and don’t want to do anything. I force myself to get up and go on with my day. Then I get mad at myself for feeling this way because I don’t understand why. If one was to ask me why I am sad there is no answer to that! I have an amazing and loving finance, two beautiful puppies, and am forming my career.

I don’t understand why these waves of sadness come, and it’s really upsetting. but I am going to be talking to my doctor about it soon ❤

So today as been a good day and I wanna talk about the good things that happened this week. I got Promoted at work! 😃 I visited my friends and family. I spent time with Christopher’s family for mothers day. 💖 Luna got spayed! (yes this is good) haha She wont be getting her period and bleeding on my floors. I filmed a new you tube video and organized my Social media planning/ thought board 😃

I can’t wait to share some posts I have in store for this week!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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2 Comments on “Week of 5/6 – 5/12

  1. Maybe you feeling sad / being depressed has something to do with an event from your past?
    Just a thought, and you should definitely talk to your doctor. Hope you figure out what’s going on soon!

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    • That is actually a good thought! I cant think of anything in my past that would affect me like this now but i will have to really think about it 😀 Thank you!

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