Week 4/8-14

Hello Besties,

Omg I am starting to realize what a boring life I have! Now I am also starting to think this is probably why my followers are not increasing but rather decreasing! I am so sad! but its okay cant let anything stop you. 😁

I will keep sharing for those of you who love to read and see what it is like being alex! haha

So lets get into it this week I…. surprise Worked and Cleaned !!! hahah

Christopher and I took the weekend to de-clutter everything!!!!!!!

We finally got the closet empty so we can turn it into something we have been thinking about doing!!! Stay tuned possibly next month it will be done and I will share my closet DIY! 😜

We also got our cars cleaned and today is going to be the dogs turn haha why am I always #dogmom omg!!! lol 🤣

And ofcourse you guys can all guess this is because.. My family is coming to visit. They land Thursday. I will try my best to stay up to date with posting buttt at least I will have some fun things to talk about after they leave yeay! #notsoboringlife for one weekend lolol

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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5 Comments on “Week 4/8-14

  1. All the best. I wish you have a great time with your family.
    And never think who follows and unfollows. You should keep on writing.

    I’m glad to found you. I’d love to read you more. 💕🙂

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  2. Firstly thank you for the follow; be careful what you wish for hun, the “uninteresting” life is often a nice life, and sadly lasts for a season, if you keep following me you might see “uninteresting” is not alway enjoyable, easy, fun or safe. 😊💕

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