Week of 4/1-4/7

Happy Monday Besties!

This picture of my babies will perfectly explain how the week went!

Except it should say All week vibes haha Work was boring and the same as always! Went to gym after work as usual! Then home to sleep!

The Weekend came and me and Christopher decided to join his brother and sister in law in their garage sale. We went through all our things and took some stuff over to their house to sell!! Little did we know it was gonna rain all weekend so we didn’t sell a thing! Just sat all Saturday waiting with no hopes! Then I deiced to post on Facebook and luckily one person came and bought one thing 🙂 Plus side was got to spend time relaxing and talking with my sister in law!

Sunday was when I took this picture. It was thundering and raining all day. Luna and wiz are both scared of the thunder so they cuddled with each other all day while Christopher and I cleaned the house. We had to fix the mess we made looking through everything for the stuff to sell. haha

Ultimately it was a boring and chill week.

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