Empty House Tour

Hello My besties!

Today I wanted to share with you a tour of my home but empty. This was the day we bought it and got the key. Me and Christopher walked in and it felt so unreal. Never did we think we would be buying a house so soon. We had lived together for 2 years before at my parents house but now we will be on our own. We are so blessed and thankful. I don’t talk in the video because i was just taking it all in; that this was our house.

That night we slept on the floor because we didn’t have our bed yet and it was just kinda unreal. I remember Christopher turning to me and saying i never would of thought i would be here in life or saying this to the women i love but welcome home love 💖 If you guys want to know about his story i can ask him if he is OK with sharing and then you would better understand why he said that.

Anyone else wanna share how if felt to buy their first home comment below! 😁

As soon as we are done furnishing and decorating i will show you how it all looks. So you will have a before and after! but for now it’s still a work in progress. 💕Can’t wait to share!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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