Organize Your life # Home Decor # DIY # Command Center.

Hello Beauties!!

If your starting to catch on; I like to DIY most of my home decor haha 😁 Today I want to share with you my command center that I put together. I wanted somewhere to keep my stuff organized and easy accessible. I kept looking at this empty wall and counter I have randomly in my house and couldn’t find what to do with it. This is when Pintrest came to town!

I kept seeing mommy bloggers posting about having command centers for their kids school supplies, chores, homework checks and so on. I loved the idea so much I wanted to do it and thought that empty counter would be perfect. But wait what would I put I have no kids.

After thinking about it for sometime I thought keys, to do list, mail, pens, calendar and notepad all thing I want visible and easy to get. So here goes nothing. I stared buying things and putting them up until I got this!

Calendar was a blue sky calendar bought at target. I use it to write all of Christopher, wiz Luna and my appointments and reminders. The camera is the indoor camera to our security system. It can be moved but we place it here because it is able to capture the dining room, living room and kitchen.

The chalk board is what I use to write mine and Christopher’s to do list! Whenever one of us completes something we either cheek it or erase it.

Under is my key holder. I just put a note pad, some batteries and of-course lighters in the holder. Me and Christopher are alllwayyyys looking for lighters. lolol

This is my mail holder. Haven’t labeled it yet but it is separated by bills, coupons/promos and other. On the bottom I have my fancy E6000 glue haha 🤣 Here is the one place I know I can always find it. Along with some Elmer sick glue, a mail opener, boxing tape, and pens/pencils/highlighter.

Stacked on the cabinet I have some basic hardware I often need as I am still decorating/remodeling the house. Screws, hooks, Dremel and drill bits. Once I am totally done I will put these away in the shed but since I kept having to go get them they are living here for now.

If anyone knows anything else I can add I am so ready to do more!!! Would love to hear some ideas.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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