Week of 3/5-3/12 (Allure box update!)

This was short and VERY boring week!!! But boring weeks are sometimes the best weeks because that means I just chilled and relaxed! Well not totally I worked my normal 9-5 job hours. I was sick all week so I would just get home after work eat and get in bed. Then on the weekend all I did was stay home cleaned and did laundry.

When writing my post for this week I thought wow that’s really all I did! Short post! So then I remembered on Friday I got my Allure box replacement items! So i am going to add my update here!

A month later they finally sent my products and they didn’t even send everything! I got 2 of the 4 items that were suppose to be replaced. At this point I am over this whole thing and will just let it be.

I also thought hey let me update you on how my no spending February went. It was horrible! After the first couple of weeks I totally started to forget all about it. And then i would be like shoot I’m so bad at this! The worse part was when we were visiting family I didn’t even think about not speeding! Moral of the story is Do not plan to save money when your on vacation! haha Just kidding! If you really set your mind to it I’m sure you can do it! I am going to try again in march and hopefully this time is better!

Thank you for reading!

Love Alex 💋

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