DIY Home decor! You have to try! (Flower wall)

Hello Beauties!

Today I wanna share with you a DIY home decor piece I made for my living room. The idea came to me on valentines day when I saw everyone posting pictures of flower letters. I had been struggling to find a picture frame I wanted to place over my sofa so I said let me just make one myself.

First thing to get was the right Roses! These roses from amazon are amazing!!! They look so real and they have so many pretty colors. I got the blush roses. I Totally recommend them to anyone looking to put fake flowers in their home or use for parties!! I loved them so much I bought more colors! I also ordered the glue I use for all my DIY’s because I was out! E6000 glue!

Next I went to Micheals and got the poster board, and letter. The white spray paint I grabbed from Christopher’s collections! Thanx babe 😘

First step was spray painting the letter!

While that dried I went ahead and cut off the wire “stem” of each rose.

I put glue on the end of the rose, starting at the corner of the board, and placed them on. Pressing and holding for 30 seconds.

Then I realized oh shit I should put the letter in the middle so I know how much space to leave. So i grabbed my letter and glued it to the middle of the board.

Finally I placed it over the sofa and now I have decor that I actually like💕

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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