Week of 2/24 – 3/4

hello beauties!

I stretched this week to Monday the 4th because that’s how long the week felt! Not sure if anyone else is like me but since I only got back to work today, Tuesday the 5th, it feel like my week is only starting today haha

Last week was fun, scary, and sad all in one. The beginning of the week I worked up until Thursday. On Thursday my boss took out the team for some corporate bonding. We had lunch at a beautiful restaurant and then did an escape room! Escape rooms are awesome and for those of you have never heard of one check it out! I have linked the one we went to but there are so many everywhere. Me and Christopher use to do them all the time before moving to TX.

Friday at 4 am I got on the plane to go visit my family! I spent all Friday with my family it was awesome! Saturday was my friends weeding I helped her do her makeup and get ready and then we partied! Drinks, food, games and dancing!

I cried seeing one of my best friends (the first friend I made when I moved in the 8th grade) getting married. It is so crazy to see how far we have come and our friendship is still so strong. I remember when her and her husband where just friends and she would have me go take her to see him. (I drove and no one else did yet.) She talked about him all the time and how she was one day gonna be with him even if there were just friends right now. 6 years later and I am no no longer picking him up to come see her but I am sitting watching them get married. It came to me that we are growing up kinda sad but we have to all grow up. In the end it was a happy moment and I wish them the best ❤

Around 10 pm while we were partying I got a call from my brother that Luna had ate some gum! I just learned this that day, but sugar free gum is very bad for dogs! It has a chemical in it called Xylitol that is poisoning for dogs. Therefore I had to call the hospital right a way. but the first issues was find an animal hospital that is open 2 hours. NOT EASY! After find one I called and explained what happened and they told me that I had to call a toxicologist specialist to help. She said she could help me over the phone because most animal hospitals do not have toxicologist on hand. The specialist was able to help me and instructed me that Luna must be put in monitoring for the next 24 hours.

So for the next 24 hours we had to feed Luna every 2 hours to keep her blood sugar levels up. We had to make sure she did not feel week or lethargic. Make sure she is pooping and watch for vomiting.

This meant we could not catch our flight home Sunday so we had to extend our stay until Monday. Our flight Monday was delayed because there was snow storm. We ended up leaving Monday at 2:30 pm. We got home it was 7pm. At this time I was ready to be in my bed and get some rest for work the next day.

But there was one last thing that needed to get done before I can end the week. Pick up my baby wiz! When we picked him up he was so happy to see us he could not hold his excitement, He jumped on us almost knocking me over. Then when he saw Luna he go soo happy and could not stop licking her. For those of you wondering we left wiz with Christopher’s mom. He is to big to be taken on the airplane and gets very bed anxiety and scared going under the plane were dogs his size go.

Overall I learned that friendships are a beautiful thing and to cherish the real ones. Things that we as humans may like can actually be very dangerous for dogs so do your reaching before deciding he/she is ok.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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