Week of 2/18-2/24

I have decided that since this is page is about being Alex and my life journey I am going to be doing weekly life updates. Ever Monday I will share how the week went, my moods, thoughts and ideas from the week. In hopes that 1 person can read it and see they are not alone, get advice, learn something or just laugh 😁

So the week went like this work work work work… break out into a dance sequence singing and thinking I’m Rihanna. But last week was a very very busy week at work. Long late nights and working through lunch breaks. Audit meeting was at the end of the week and everything needed to be tested and reviewed before hand. For those of you who don’t know I work in internal controls. Witch is like compliance and auditing. Yes a boring office job haha If you read my post “I made a mistake” then you how I feel about my work!

When the weekend came I was ready to relax!!! Ohh wait noo, can’t do that when you own a home and have two fur babies! Weekend means cleaning, meal prep and training. Sundays are always the same grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleaning (the big mess meal prepping for the whole week for 2 people makes) and lastly we go to training classes with wiz. We are so excited soon Luna can start her puppy classes.

The only fun days are usually Saturdays! Last Saturday we went to a hugeeee pet supply store in downtown Houston! They had soo much! We wanted to go because we want to get Luna a carrying case for our plane ride this Friday. Small pets under 20 pounds can be taken on cabin as a carry on bag as long as they can fit under the seat in front of you. So Luna will be taking her first flight soon! After we went over to Christopher’s moms house to sing happy birthday and have cake. It was Christopher’s brothers birthday last week! Cake looked so yummy but I couldn’t eat it 😒Since it had nuts I could not have it but that’s okay better safe then sorry.

Well that was about it for the week a pretty boring week because most of it was work and getting ready for a very fast visit to my family next week.

I’m sure next week update will be a lot more fun and insightful!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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