Valentines Day Look

Hello beaauties! …. It’ssss makeup timee… Yeay!!

Today I want to share a makeup look I created yesterday! It is the perfect Valentines day smoke eye 🙂

This picture was taken right after I completed the look! I was in front of my window so all I had was natural day light!

This picture was taken at night after wearing the look all day! I only reapplied my blush throughout the day once 😃

I decided to add a nude gloss before going out just to add a little extra to the look!

You do not have to do a lip since the eye is already so bold; but i wanted to show you how I would pare the eyes with a lip!

All I used was the Violet Voss Pro eye shadow pallet! It was a great pallet! It had every colored I wanted and amazing pigment! Easy to blend out and super cute colors to choose from!

I stared off with “Bestie” as my transition color. Then I put “Wine and dine” in my crease; blended it out very well and tried not to touch my lid at all. After it was all blended I went in with “Cranberry Splash” on the lid. I did not want the glitter on the full lid after seeing it so I went back with “Wine and Dine” and only put it on the outer corner of the eye. I did this in a V form to create that sharper cleaner look. From here I knew that all I needed now was a little more glitter in the inner corner! This is when I added “On fleek” on top of the “Cranberry splash.”

For blush I wanted to go with a very girly, rosy color for valentines day so I used my peach pallet!

If you like this look and want me to do more like and comment ❤

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 😘

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6 Comments on “Valentines Day Look

  1. such a beautiful look! I am glad to see someone else using burgundy shades. There are definitely not enough lovers of such colours out there.


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