No Spending Rule for the Month!

Hello Beauties!

The idea of this post came like this…

Me to myself: Nooooo do not go inside that target! Keep driving! If you go in there you will spend money! OMG I should post a blog about my no spending Month!

This was February 3rd and it is now the 8th and I finally have the time to write this post!

This month Christopher and I deiced to make February a no speeding month. The rule is that we are only allowed to spend on gas, bills, and our puppies 🙂 We are not allowed to spend for fun or because we want to! We can only spend because we need to! If we are swiping our card we need to have a valid reason to spend! A reason both of us agree on!

The biggest challenge so far is not spending on food! After watching and monitoring our speeding habits i have found that most our speeding is eating out. I don’t mean like sitting down at a restaurant spending lots of money! It is actually worse!!! The drive through!

Often times we think a 5 buck lunch at Taco Bell today and then a 4 for 4 at Wendys tomorrow is not a lot! But after the month ends you have spent over 300 dollars on food! Me and Christopher are guilty of this and we deiced no more!

To stop spending so much money on food we have began meal prepping! It is great and if you guys would like to learn more about how we meal prep let me know and i can do a post about it! ❤

When February is over i will also do an update on how our no spending February went😊

Thank you for reading!

Love, Alex 💋

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