Allure Beauty Box… Why its only OK!

Hello Beauties! …..Its makeup time !!  ….Yeay!

For my birthday I was gifted a year of the Allure beauty box by my wonderful Fiance Christopher 😊

I have been receiving the Allure beauty box since September!

My overall thought about it is that it is OK!

Now you may ask why do I say that it is only ok? Well after assessing its pros and cons and my experience the last two months I have decided its not that great!

Lets talk about the pros first! The Price!!! For only $15 a month it is great! Some items are sample sizes yes but most are travel size! I love travel size items because; 1. I do a lot of traveling so they are great for me! 2. Travel sizes are big enough to get a few uses out of it instead of just one. This way I can use different times and really determine if I like it and wanna buy the full size! Another pro is that Many of the brands they send are well known luxury/ high end brands! Brands such as Mac, Estee Lauder, Dior, Becca, Tarte, and Beauty blender.

Okay now that I sold you on why you should subscribe to them I wanna share my past two months that make me feel they are not that great!

It all comes down to packaging and customer service! Out of the 5 months I have had the subscription I have received 2 month that had broken products! This is because the packing has no protection for the products! The items just come inside a pooch and the pooch is just placed inside the shipping box. No filling, no bubble wrap, nothing, this is why the items come broken!

This is how my January box came!

The NCLA nail polish came broken and leaked all over everything. The Amika Hair mask came leaking on top as well. The red/clear bag you see in the background came ripped on the side. I can’t even use the bag because everything will fall out the side.

When containing customer service about the issue they ask a bunch of questions in regards to weather I have tried to fix the products. For example have You tried forcing it open? Have you used nail polish remover to remove the spilled nail polish?

This is one of the items they asked me to force open and clean with nail polish.

Yes I can force it open an try to remove the nail polish with nail polish remover. But personally I don’t think I should have to do this! It should simply be replaced.

Therefore, My response to them: “I believe the issues should not be mine to resolve if your item was not packaged properly and came damaged I should not have to fix-it! That was your mistake”. Finally they said they would send me a replacement for the items that got damaged and I could not use.

I am waiting to receive the replacement products and will update you when I do!

Thanx for reading 😃 -ALEX

5 Comments on “Allure Beauty Box… Why its only OK!

  1. Oh my! that is horrible customer service. I cannot believe they would not replace it right away. Since most of my orders are UK orders, I am shocked when things like these happen. However, I had a less than stellar experience with ColorPop.


      • One of my parcels never left LA and had to email them like 5 times before they finally relented and refunded me. They kept saying that the tracking is not accurate…. The next parcel with the same items was destroyed so maybe it had to do with the content, but still!

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