Makeup Looks… My Progress

I have liked makeup since I can remember! My aunt is the sister I never had. She lived with me and I had to share a room with her when I was younger. Around 4th grade, when I would get out of school I would run home to go touch her makeup while she was at work. She didn’t have a lot but the little she did have I would mess it all up. My favorite was the lipsticks. She lovedddd brown lipsticks. Still does to this day haha 😜

Fast forward to middle school, when we went to parties I would see my mom, put on the only makeup she ever used,… blush. I would ask her if I can have little. She would put almost nothing but I was so excited!!

When my aunt and mom would run out of makeup and throw out what little was lift, I would sneak and grab it out of the trash. I know Ewwww… but I was young and I wanted it!!! Lol

Finally, When I began high school I was finally able to buy my own makeup. I stared off with whatever I could find on clearance at CVS Pharmacy! That meant Maybelline true match foundation and wet and wild pencil eyeliners.  Once I turned 16, I got working papers from my school and started working at the local grocery store. This meant I can buy all the makeup I wanted. And then the obsession began!!! 😍

Junior year to now I have been working on my makeup skills! I honestly am not that great lolol  but that does not stop me!!! I just love it so much! I enjoy the creativity of it!

I wanted to share some of the looks I have done hope you guys like!  

I want everyone who has a passion to always work at it no matter what!!! I believe practice makes perfect and one day I hope to be a pro! 😊

7 Comments on “Makeup Looks… My Progress

  1. You look amazing!! Your skills for someone who has not had any training or education in the art of makeup are amazing! You are proof that with practice and patience you can accomplish anything you really want to do!!!


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