Review of Purple Mattress and Sheets!

Hello Beauties!

Have you ever hear of the mattress that broke the internet? This Purple mattress ? 

It is suppose to provide cooling and ultimate comfort! It is suppose to be firm where your body needs the support but soft where you want to feel comfortable. It is also great so that when sleeping your spine is aligned at all times; weather you sleep on your side or back.

This is what the website claims and it is TRUE!! I love my purple mattress! I am in no way affiliated with Purple I just really enjoy there products and wanted to share with you.

Christopher has had a few surgeries in the past so he needs to give his back and shoulder the support they need when sleeping. Due to this we got a tempurpedic bed. For me that was horrible!

Since I am so small and light my body dose not curve to the mattress. It is like I am laying on top of a rock. So happy that this is not the case with my Purple mattress! It is soft and curves the my body in just the right spots; while staying firm and providing the support Chris needs.

We also decided to get the purple sheets. These were more for looks then feel but they are great also. They are supper soft and stretchy! Making them great for our adjustable base! When we move our feet or head up the sheets do not slip of the mattress!

Don’t Mind Wiz getting ready for bed haha But the purple color is just awesome! What do you guys think? If you don’t like the purple color they do offer other colors as well!

If you try out the purple mattress or sheets let me know 😃

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