Looking for what beauty box you should subscribe to?

Hello Beauties! …..Its makeup time !!  ….Yeay!

So after many months of researching beauty boxes I made the decision this time last year to subscribe to Boxycharm! I looked at Ipsy, Birchbox, Glossy box, Boxycharm, Wantable, allure box, and play by Sephora. The one thing that Boxycharm and Wantable had that the others did not was that they send full-size products. The rest of the boxes send very small sample sizes. Sizes so small that I could barely get one use out of it.

So I was now in-between Wantable and Boxycharm. What made me choose Boxycharm was price! I wanted something that I am getting the best bang for my buck! Boxycharm had it all. Prestige brands that I already know and love,  lower monthly rates and full-size products I can use for a long time.

The first box I received from Boxycharm was February of 2018! When I saw the Cover FX drops I went crazy! Those retail for $44 dollars; Boxycharm only costs $21 a month! Just in one product I made back the money the box costed!

My First box!

A year later I have been receiving my boxes and loving every month! I made the right decision in going with Boxycharm and I encourage you all to try it out! 😍

5 Comments on “Looking for what beauty box you should subscribe to?

  1. That was my first box last year too!! I totally loved it. Unfortunately for budget reasons I had to let them go last month. I’m hoping to maybe do a 3 month subscription sometime…we shall see. Excellent post, keep up the great work and following!! ♥

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    • That’s so awsome! thank you so much 🙂 Actually this year I saved up the money and bought the 6 month 🙂 It is great to know that I don’t have to pay it for the next 6 month and can keep getting my boxes!

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      • That is probably the better way to go. I loved Boxy I just had to let them go for the time, plus I’m trying to be a little more vegan and cruelty free when buying makeup and beauty. Most of their stuff is, but I know sometimes not so much. Glad you are enjoying your boxes 😊


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