Living with an allergy and how I save on EpiPens!

Hello Beauties!

I was sitting in my office today and began to get really itchy. My eyes started to get blurring and breathing heavy. This is when I knew I was having an allergic reaction. After taking proper medication I went back to my desk and thought HEY I should write a blog post about this! When I got home I came up with this…

For those of you who didn’t know; I am allergic to nuts. This is something really common to be allergic too yes, but it still sucks!

I didn’t find out until last year that I had a nut allergy. This is when I had my first reaction. I was scared confused and did not understand what was going on. Christopher took me to the emergency room when I began to tell him I couldn’t breath. Doctors explained I was having an allergic reaction.

Chris sending my family a pic that i am okay!

I did not understand why or how because I had eaten nuts my whole life. As a kid I loved nuts! The doctors said an allergy can develop over time. So from there on I had to learn how to live life with a severe allergy.

This meant a lifestyle change!

I know had to watch everything I ate and carry an EpiPen with me at all times. I’m going to share with you what I did to change my life to accommodate this allergy.

Tips on how to live with a severe allergy…

  • If going out to eat always inform weightier that you have an allergy. Often times they will note it down and inform the cook. Your meal will most likely have special restrictions! I went to a hibachi style restaurant and after informing the restaurant about my allergy they used different tools to make my food and cooked my food separately from everyone else’s.
  • Don’t forget about friends and family dinners! If someone is hosting a party remind them you have an allergy! Friends, family any party you go to that you plan on eating at; inform the coordinator/host about your allergy. They can then let you know if they can accommodate for this or not.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is us_containslabel-2.jpg
  • Always read the label of everything you buy! and I mean everything! I was told to take those 1 a day vitamins and when Christopher looked at the label for me he found it Contained tree nuts! You never know if it can be hiding in those ingredients. A great thing about most foods is that at the bottom of the label they will have an allergy section listing the common allergens that can be found in that product.
  • Don’t forget about whats used to cook the food! Going back to the example in tip 1, the tools used can also be harmful. If the same spoon that was used to cook something with nuts in it was used for my food I would have a reaction. Therefor I make sure I tell this to anyone preparing my food!
  • EpiPens boy are they expensive especially if you do not have insurance! They can cost up to $600 dollars even with insurance! If you can afford that, great get them they are the best! But if you can not..ask your pharmacist about Adrenaclick (generic) it is a much cheaper alternative! And you can use this link to save even more…. click here Talk to you doctor and pharmacists about the EpiPen alternatives,they will inform you if it is something you can use 😁

Most important and what I really want to share with everyone is that you should never be ashamed, shy or scared to tell people that you have an allergy or ask about cheaper alternatives! The worse that can happen is they say no they cant accommodate to your allergy or no you cant use the alternatives. What matters in the end is that you tried and now you can plan accordingly!

Leave a comment if you found this helpful at all or just liked knowing this random fact about me 💕

2 Comments on “Living with an allergy and how I save on EpiPens!

  1. My son is allergic to tree nuts! As much as I loath food allergies, I’m always grateful and excited to meet people who understand the lifestyle we have to lead.

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