For those of you who read my welcome and are wondering what is a wiz? not what… Who!

Wiz now! He is 9 months!

Wiz is my love and only child! Yes I am a dog mom! 😜

He is 100% Mutt but keep reading to find out what crazy mix he is!

He was born on 04/20/2018

He is a very calm and loving, lazy boy!

Christopher and I adopted Wiz from the shelter on June 15 2018. Christopher walked in saw him and knew he was the one! Wiz was only 6 weeks old and was found alone on the streets. He was malnourished and infected with warms. Luckily the shelter picked him up so we were able to adopt him.

When wiz turned 4 months me and Chris decided we wanted to know what he was. When adopting a dog that was found on the streets there is no way to tell what breed they are. But in order to properly care for wiz and learn more about him we wanted to know! We spoke to our vet and they had the solution!

DNA test! They tock blood samples and we got this back!

They explained these are the breeds he had in him but the most dominate and the one that he shows the most traits from is the lab and bull dog!

Getting bigger after treatment and proper feeding!
First week at Home!
treatment working baby is growing! bye bye warms!

Don’t be afraid to adopt from a shelter because of all the negative comments you hear! Just because they may have a few issues does not mean they can’t be as loving and beautiful as full breed dogs. Wiz is an example of a puppy that just needed some love and now he is a growing healthy boy!

He is growing so much that I am like omg he is going to be too big!!!

Any other dog mom’s out there? comment and like! ❤

One Comment on “Wiz

  1. How ADORABLE! I agree with you that people should adopt from shelters to give these babies a happy and loving home.


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