I made a mistake

Hello Beauties!

I’m so excited that I decided to take the plunge and begin blogging. Today I’m going to share what made me take the leap!

Has anyone gone to college and looked at the little line on the application with the words major on it?

Maybe you paused and thought to yourself I have no idea. Maybe you knew exactly what you wanted and that line didn’t even seem significant in the application processes.

That was me!

I knew I wanted to study accounting. Heck my essay was even about how I knew I wanted to do accounting since I was 7 years old. As a child I dreamed of the office on the top of the building with the window for walls.

I was SO Wrong!

But I just figured this out now.

3 years ago I applied to Berkeley College for business administration with a concertation in accounting.

I got my bachelor’s degree in April of 2018 and now I find myself siting up at night thinking was the last 3 years of my life a waste?

After spending some time working within my field and some side ventures I can’t help but think about how un-happy I am with my career. Don’t get me wrong what I do is cool and practical. Lots of people do this for a living. But do they all really enjoy it?

I’m sure there are lots of people who actually really enjoy this but I have come to the conclusion that it is just not for me.

I look at myself and I think I can’t do this my whole life. I have no room for creativity. 8-5 Monday thru Friday leaves me no time to do what I actually want to do. What I actually love!

The only plus side is the pay. We all needed money but is the money worth my happiness?

Going back to school:

Now I think should I go back to school for something else that I would enjoy more? Something more creative that will spark my mind and passions. Since I do have a degree in business something like fashion merchandising, Marketing, communication/social media I can transfer most my credits. Or hey something totally different like interior design or journalism?

Continuing in the work field:

I could continue within the business field and possibly find a different position that I could enjoy more. Something where I can use my creativity.

I can start doing something on the side that will help me get my creative niche out while I continue to work within my field? Something that can help me get through this time period in my career until I find what I’m truly happy doing …. DING DING DING. Blog 😀

I will continue to do my research and see what the best options and possibilities are out there for me but until then I just want to share with everyone that might possibly feel the way I am feeling now.

It is okay to move one and decide something just wasn’t meant for you! It is okay to tell yourself that you made a wrong decision some years ago!

Most importantly it’s never too late to change your life so you can be happy!

Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way? leave a comment and I would love to share experiences and listen! 😊

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